Mobile App Development

Mobile Application
1help offers, mobile application development services for both iPhone and Android. We also provide the most cost-effective solutions for all industries such as: Commerce, automobile, E-Commerce, Social Banking, Financial etc.

Marketing & Research
1help offers marketing and development Services such as Apple Store and PlayStore Optimization. App Store Optimization (ASO) is basically a process of Optimizing the keywords related to your app to increase downloads...

Maintenance & Support
At 1help, we provide you with complete maintenance and support services. From hardware software and end to end customer solution, if you have an app, website or any kind of project which you want to maintain we can provide that. We also have solutions for chat, email, and customer support.

Virtual Team
Hire your expert team, your own virtual Team, that will be dedicated to your needs full time! As per your demand, we have the best resources, from technology to marketing, support services, consulting, sales, lead generation, and many others. We have both fixed and hourly paid salaries.

How we build awesome App

  • Make life easier
  • Clear Instruction for using app
  • Appealing design and aesthetic
  • Consistent experience on multiple devices
  • Always has new Content
  • Brand interact with offline
  • Make An Incredible First Impression
  • 38% of app users are likely to download an app when it's required to complete a purchase, half of which would uninstall it
  • Maintain Users Interest

Our App Development Process

  • Meeting: We meet your representatives and make sure we understand all your needed things carefully.
  • Scope and analysis: We analyse your requirements and come up with best options.
  • Discussion and planning: We do plenty of discussions associated aiming to check that we tend to return up with an app that satisfies all of your needs
  • Look & feel, and features and functionality: We select the attractiveness of the app, the options and also the practicality of constant and confirm such a style works towards the action of your business goals.
  • Designing and development: We design and develop your app using the best of tools and technologies that we have access to.
  • Testing and deployment: We check and deploy your app in order that there aren't any bugs any.
  • Launch: We launch your app on the platform you want us to.
  • Support: We provide 24/7 support and clear any doubts or queries you may have

This is Our App Development Methodology

We follow agile methodology for globally acceptable mobile app development. this system permits North American country to develop applications that embrace the newest developments in your trade. We’ll allow you to assess project priorities at the tip of every sprint, thus you'll be ready to offer feedback thereon. in keeping with the feedback, we’ll build your app higher and higher that exceeds your expectation.

There area unit several issues once it involves selecting mobile application development corporations, like their app development methodology and style practices. we tend to use the simplest once it involves methodology in mobile application development. Therefore, the mobile apps that we tend to produce area unit simple to use, quick to transfer, tiny in size, quickly updatable, error-free and might seamlessly move with the backend servers.